Best places to hangout in Connaught place, Delhi

The biggest tourist attraction of our capital, Delhi, lies at its heart which is the Connaught place. Whether you go to Delhi for a vacation or for work, you can’t claim to enjoy the full Delhi experience unless you’ve explored Connaught place. It is often called the most happening place in Delhi because you can find everything here from clothes to food, from the street to high end experience and sometimes even spot a few celebrities as many films are shot in this famous attraction. Connaught place, or as the locals call it ‘CP’, is said to be the largest financial, commercial and business center in New Delhi, and there is plenty of things to do here to entertain you. Connaught place represents the unique culture of Delhi with its various markets and the bustling crowd. Connaught place is named after George V’s paternal uncle, and shaped after architectures of Cheltenham and Bath by the British architects during the colonial British rule. Connaught place represents the essence of western architecture with its whitewashed, grey-tinged streets which spread out from the two central traffic circles called Rajiv chowk and Indira chowk, which in turned is lined with various establishments for shopping and relaxing. Even though technically the outer circle encompassing blocks G to N is called Connaught Circus, and the inner circle encompassing blocks A to F is called Connaught place, this whole area is referred to as Connaught place by Delhiites.

Whether you are a teenager on an outing with your friends or a middle age business around for a relaxing time, Connaught place holds many places for your attraction. Here we have listed some places which are definitely some of the most happening places in Connaught place. So the next time you are at CP, you’d know where to hang out.

  1. Palika Bazaar

Visiting Delhi and not going to see Palika Bazaar, is a real tragedy. If Delhi is famous for its vast variety of products for shopping, then Palika bazaar is the place you come to indulge in your shopping spree. It lies in Block N, near Radical road 1 and named after ’Nagar Palika’ which translates to Municipal Corporation. Palika bazaar has been around for a long time, being the first underground market in India to come up and thrive for so long, with history and tradition imbued in its roots. You can find more than two hundred and fifty shops selling lifestyle products ranging from a wide variety from clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags with latest fashions and affordable prices. Though if you are not a resident of Delhi, then bargain with all your might because these professionals know how to spot a tourist. You can also buy handicraft items and handloom cloth, which is a budding industry and will only rise in the future.

  1. Janpath

Though Palika Bazaar should be enough to check all the things in your shopping list, but why limit yourself? After all, CP is a vast place. And if you are crazy for branded items at unbelievable costs then nothing can satisfy you like Janpath, which a single lane where branded seconds are available for half the price and the best ones are grabbed in seconds! Between Palika bazaar and Janpath, Connaught place is a heaven for shopaholics. Again, a strict advise before taking out your wallet is to bargain hard and with all your might. Or take a Delhiite with you.

  1. CP Mall

Who doesn’t love malls? They are a small city unto themselves. With small outlets for every imaginable brand for clothes, jewellery, home products and huge food courts, they are perfect to hang out with friends. Another great thing about CP mall is proper ventilation and not suffering from scorching Delhi heat.

  1. United Coffee House

After a long and satisfying shopping experience, you can relax at one of the most famous cafes of Connaught place– United Coffee House! Located at E-15, the ambience is truly relaxing and you can enjoy their multi-cuisine menu. Whether you go in a large group or a small one, you can find the café both family friendly and great for having hanging out with friends.

  1. Nirula’s

To truly feel like a Delhiite, you must first pamper yourself in a true Delhiite fashion. Nirula’s is a very famous restaurant chain in New Delhi. Located at N-Block in Connaught place, this home-grown restaurant chain has an outlet here that is famous for its pizzas and sandwiches. Its not be missed sweet dish include hot chocolate fudge which will make your choco cravings go wild!

  1. The Oberoi

If you wish to treat yourself to some fine dining experience at Conaught place then look no further than the Oberoi. Located at Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, this famous hotel has many restaurants which are renowned for various cuisines. Taipan serves pan-Asian food and you can enjoy some authentic sushi expand your foodie horizons. Travertino, an Italian restaurant, is a great place to have some Italian dishes prepared according to Indian tastes and their wine-and-cheese pairing shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Q’Ba

Ranked as one of the world’s best bars by Drinks International magazine, Q’Ba is the place you go to unwind. Great music plus great drinks equals to an awesome night out with friends!

  1. Blues

You can find this bar at N-18 and it is really popular with the young Delhi crowd.     It is a nice place to enjoy a few drinks with some friends without emptying your pockets because they offer special discounts on drinks regularly. It would be an ideal place to treat your friends on your birthday!

  1. Vault Cafe

Vault, a new,vibrant multicuisine restaurant to relish &rejoice. Vault with its tiled brick entrance has an unusual ambiance that offers exotic and precious experiences to treasure. The eye-catching colorful decor inside and super comfortable seating outside to ensure fun, laughter and pleasure of being together.

These are just some of the most hip places at Connaught place. You must also explore places like Bangala Sheb ka Gurudrawa and Jantar Mantar to truly appreciate the beauty of Connaught place. Be sure to check out the Central Park and inner circle, which is a popular shooting spot!


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