The Perfect Travel Guide For Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.  It is often referred to as the Vegas of the Middle East, being the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE, and it attracts a huge number of tourists every year, especially during the new years’. If you are also planning a trip to the beautiful Dubai but are clueless as to what places you should visit, we have a perfect list for you that will be a guide of the places you should definitely visit while holidaying in Dubai.


  1. 1. The Dubai Mall


The Dubai mall is the world’s most visited shopping and leisure destination. At 12 million sq ft, the mall’s total area is equivalent in size to 200 soccer pitches, making it the largest mall in the world and features 95 elevators and 150 escalators, for the convenience of the tourists. The Dubai mall has various attractions, which are given below:


  • * Dubai Dino


The mall houses a dinosaur that scientists named as Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus  located at The Souk Dome. This dinosaur skeleton was discovered in 2008 with almost all bones of the dinosaur were found intact at the excavation site. The skeleton is 80 ft (24.4 metres) long and 25 ft (7.6 metre) high a sprightly young adult and is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes of the tourists in the mall.


  • * The Dubai Fountain


If you want to witness something that literally takes your breath away, head to the world famous Dubai Fountain, right outside the Dubai Mall, on the Burj Lake. It features the most complex radiant fountain lights available today along with twenty-five colour projectors that create a visual spectrum of a kind of its own. It performs daily and some of the songs performed are compositions of legendary musicians like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Enrique Iglesias and Lionel Richie.


  • * Sega Republic


Developed by Emaar Entertainment in association with Japan-based SEGA Corporation, this is another attraction of the Dubai Mall that you cannot afford to miss. With more than one hundred and seventy games to choose from, this unit of Dubai Mall is, in true sense, a paradise for everyone who loves playing video games. The visual experiences add to the thrill and make sure that you have the best time there. You can visit this place with your family and we ensure you that it is so good that you will always come back for more.


  • *Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


For all those who love the aquatic life, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a must-visit place. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums of world with a vibrant collection of fishes and aquamarine creatures. It is like a big tunnel that you go through and you can literally see everything right next to you. It surely feels amazing to see the sharks from such a close distance, while the guide explains you about the aquarium.


  1. 2. The Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa, standing at an astounding height of 2,723 ft, is undoubtedly the tallest building in the world. Its design personifies the inspired and well-balanced arrangement of the Hymenocallis or Spider Lily, a local desert flower that stirred architect Adrian Smith’s idea of the iconic tower. It features nine hotels, including the world famous Armani Hotel, whose main entrance is designed by Georgio Armani himself and Armani Residences, adding to the plush feel of the building.  Plus, if you go to the top, the experience is something that cannot be easily described in words. However, I will say that it is one of the best experiences in the world, one that everyone who ever goes to Dubai must experience.


  1. 3. Global Village


This is another addition to the list of things you must do while holidaying in Dubai. The Global village has been the favorite destination of thousands of tourists coming to Dubai every year since its opening in 1997. Families come together here every year to enjoy different cultures and cuisines. You can buy a lot of things at very reasonable rates here and it is, in true sense, a paradise for those who love to shop! But that is not all! Apart from shopping, you also get to enjoy mesmerizing performances by people from all around the world. There are also joyrides for children and lots of food joints to choose from.


4. Desert Safari


Another attraction that you simply cannot afford to miss while travelling in Dubai is the Desert Safari. A number of companies offer the Desert Safari tour and you can choose whichever suits you best. The tour that I took involved dune bashing in the desert, where I almost died with excitement while the car whizzed around in the fresh sand. After dune bashing, a camel ride for everyone was arranged which was also amazing. The day ended with dinner, hookah and some of the best belly dancing moves I have seen being performed. To sum it up, the Desert Safari tour is nothing but amazing and you must try it if you are ever in Dubai.


Abu Dhabi

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Once you have travelled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the place to go. It is the perfect example of the transformation of a deprived desert emirate to one of the richest states in the world. With many places to travel around in here, you can also enjoy the outdoors. Yes, there are, in fact many remarkable natural tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi and even though the outdoors appear to be monotonous, treacherous and dreary, they are surely worth a visit. Given below are a few places that you can visit while travelling to Abu Dhabi.

  1. 1. Heritage Village


One of the most important tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi, the Heritage village is an amazing and a rather mesmerising artificial village located right outside Abu Dhabi. It features various small huts that make for a beautiful scenic view and is complete with an appealing beach which offers a great view of the city! You will particularly enjoy this place if you are travelling with your sweetheart as the whole ambience gets pretty romantic here, especially during sunset.


2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, being the largest mosque in UAE and the sixth largest mosque in the world is another topmost tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. This stunning white building stands tall in this beautiful city. As you go further in, you enter a gigantic hall, that features what can only be called one of the most beautiful chandeliers in the world. The walls of the hall portray fine-looking flowers and leaves, and they add to the beauty of the hall to a great extent. Guided tours of the interior are available here several times a day. We would however like to inform you that the mosque follows a strict dress code, especially for women. There are restrictions on how a man dresses up as well, but they are allowed to wear shorts that are longer that beyond the knee. So, it is recommended that you carefully examine what you wear while travelling to this mosque.


3. Khalifa Park


If you are a park lover, this is just the perfect place for you. This park is huge and there are many things that you can do here, like enjoy an evening stroll, or just sit and watch the kids running around, or admire the beauty of the skies. The entry fee is very cheap (as low as 1 Dirham) and it is definitely good for an outing with the family and kids. The park features a train which takes you all around the park, and is especially enjoyed by the kids. In furtherance to all these things, it houses a small museum for the kids, and is also home to the children water theme park. You have to buy additional tickets to enter the water park though.


4. Marina Mall


For all those out there who love shopping, Abu Dhabi has been best described as a compulsive shopper’s dream. You will find several malls here that include popular foreign chain stores, as well as world renowned designers. The Marina Mall is, in a true sense, a shopper’s paradise. Located near the Water Breaker area near the splendid and gorgeous Emirates Palace, this mall houses most of the major stores. It also contains one of two Carrefour hypermarkets in town and is usually successful in amazing tourists with the female fashion dichotomy, as you can find all types of clothing under one roof. Yes! They do sell short skirts and halter tops here, and a lot of other variety in clothing too! The women of UAE are mostly covered from head to toe and to see those kind of clothes on display is a welcoming change in itself. The mall also features a mesmerizing musical fountain that adds to the charm it has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, pack your bags for Dubai and Abu Dhabi and get going! Happy Travelling!

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