Summers and Winters in Munich

Every person on the earth who loves to travel has either already been to or totally wants to go to the Exotic Europe. The city of Munich is the centerpiece of the crown that Europe is. A trip to Europe cannot be considered to be complete until one visits Munich, one of the most beautiful cities this continent has to offer. However, whenever we start planning a trip to a certain destination, the first question that pops in our heads is: “what would be the best time to visit it?” Here is an overview as to best describe the Munich weather during all the seasons and for you to decide for yourselves the best time to visit Munich.

The Munich weather is more like the Austrian temperate continental climate due to Munich’s location in the South of Germany, far away from the next ocean. Munich has a continental climate. However, because the city is located near the Alps, it is likely to rain often. Thunderstorms also often seem to appear out of the blue which is why it is advised that along with your long sleeved shirt and trousers in summer, you carry an umbrella as well.





The favorite of majority of the world’s population, spring season is eagerly awaited by everyone. Each and every person and everything wakes up to a new life. The days become longer and warmer in March, April and May. the sun shines for more than just a few hours per day, nature looks green and revitalizing, the flora blooms and the atmosphere of Munich alleviates up from the freezing and mind- numbing winters. Spring is the best time to visit Munich as the weather is perfect then if you want to travel the city, crowd- free before it is swarmed by the tourists during summer. It is fascinating to see how the city renovates her winter sluggishness into vivaciousness during spring. You have roughly summer-like weather without it being too hot and there aren’t as many travelers in comparison with the high season.




The Munich weather particularly in the city center can be extremely hot. It is known to have had summers with temperatures constantly reaching or even surpassing 30 degrees Celsius i.e. 90°F. Enjoy the time as much as you can, because it is most likely that this time will not last long. The next rainy days are guaranteed. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that you’ll have sunshine all the time, even in July or August, making it not the best time to visit Munich. So it is advised that you carry your rain jacket and a sweater in Munich, no matter what time of the year. The silver lining on the cloud, however, is that there are plenty of places to discover and an array of things lined up to do in Munich during a rainy day. However,




The autumn season comprising of the months of September, October and November can be wonderful and exquisite. However, you should probably avoid visiting Munich in November. The trees change their color to striking yellow and red tones and the days get shorter. It is commonly referred to as “Altweibersommer”, the German correspondent to the term Indian summer. Since Oktoberfest, the most grand beer festival in the world and several other festivals are about to start, you will have the exclusive prospect to see people from all over Bavaria showing up with their Dirndl and Lederhose (traditional clothing). People who don’t like hot and dry climate, most of the people belonging to that faction only, will tell you that autumn is the best time to visit Munich in the entire year, as the Munich weather is simply the best in autumn. Again, you can be doomed and suffer a lot because of the rain, but usually the days are sunny and still warm until end of October. Munich’s weather faces a significant change particularly in November. The days are a lot shorter and it generally is cold, damp, grey and cloudy. You can hardly see more than 50 meters because of the fog, even in the first week of November. The air is cold and very humid; you can kind of feel the water slither into your clothes and you sweat to an unimaginable extent. Honestly speaking, since the chances that you can do a lot of outdoor activities are really less, November is definitely the most awful time of the year to visit Munich.





During winter, the temperature falls way below the freezing point, the air is brusque and fresh, snowflakes slowly fall down from the sky and life seems to be slower and more serene. You just know it is Christmas time. For all the shopping lovers out there, it is advised that you come to Munich in winter for the renowned German Christmas markets, as winter is the best time to visit Munich. A speciality of the Christmas markets is Glühwein. It is basically hot wine with spices that take your taste buds to heaven or your happy place. Skiing in the nearby mountains is another fun activity that you can enjoy during winters in Munich. In January and February, the days start getting longer again. The weather is still cold, but frequently very sunny. The months of January and February are incredible to be outside and enjoy the white landscapes. At the end of winter everyone is tired of the cold and longing for sun. That’s, why for those who love the sun but are not fond of very high temperatures, January- February is the best time to go to Munich.


It can therefore be said that there is no particular best time to visit Munich. The city has tonnes to offer, regardless the time of the year you plan to visit it. The weather would, in all probabilities suit you according to your favorite season of the year. However, it is advised that you avoid going to Munich in the month of November as the weather would be extremely unflattering. Pick any month other than this month, and we ensure that you will fall in love with this city. Happy holidays!






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