Walking Through The Munich City Centre

Munich’s City Center is in the heart of Munich and is easily navigable with all the must-sees effortlessly to be found by travellers. Since all suburban trains, subways, and trams have at least one halt in the locality of Munich’s city centre, it is an amazing place to start any day of sightseeing.

1. Glockenspiel

The Glockenspiel, a chiming clock was added to the tower of the Neues Rathaus, i.e. the New Town the year the building was completed in 1907. Every day the city’s central Marienplatz square is jam-packed with spectators as they watch one of the city’s most loved oddities, the Munich Glockenspiel.  At 11 a.m. and midday the Munich Glockenspiel narrates a royal wedding, wordplay tournament and ritualistic dance – all events which have engraved a mark on Munich’s popular legends. The show lasts about 15 minutes and ends with the golden bird emerging at the top and chirping three times.


2. Marienplatz

Marienplatz is the central square in the centre of Munich, the most famous venue in München; from where you can explore many old and breathtaking buildings, and various churches. It received its name Marienplatz (St. Mary’s Square) when the town folks asked Virgin Mary to shield their town from a cholera epidemic.  Marienplatz houses the Mariensäule, the Marian Column crowned with the golden sculpture of Virgin Mary, and the Old and the New Town Hall of Munich. The tower of the New Town Hall houses the Glockenspiel, a striking carillon which is more than 100 years old. The Glockenspiel chimes at 11 a.m. or at noon. You can also watch the 32 life-sized figures re- enact historical Bavarian events.


3. Frauenkirche

For all the architectural admirers out there, the Frauenkirche is the place to visit in Munich. Located at the Munich city centre, the brick-built Catholic Church of Our Blessed Lady i.e. Frauenkirche is the city’s largest church which was built in 1494, with a late Gothic architectural approach which has the capacity to accommodate 20,000 people. Combined with the Town Hall, the sturdy twin towers of the Cathedral contour the city’s skyline and you cannot help but admire its beauty, especially when you drive past the church. Its famous domes on the top of each tower were represented on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.


 4. St. Michaelskirche

St. Michaelskirche (St Michael church) is a stunning Jesuit church in early baroque style located in the Munich city centre. It was built by William V (Duke of Bavaria from 1579 to 1597) during the Catholic Reformation. The church was built by the model church of Gesu in Rome but in 1590 the tower collapsed destroyed the quire too. Duke decided to build the church again, this time much bigger (the construction finished in 1597) and added the remarkable facade with several statues of Bavarian rulers and Archangel Michael killing the Evil. At the crypt of the church many dukes and kings of Bavaria including William V are buried. As many other buildings in Munich the church was damaged during WWII but restored in 1948.


 5. Viktualienmarkt

Located in the heart of the city’s old town is the lively and vibrant Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s local outdoor market. Dating back to 1807, the market gets its name from the Latin word victualia, which in literal terms means “groceries”. It is the oldest farmers market in Munich. Locals, tourists, and the city’s top chefs come here to fill their baskets with everything from fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, to pastries, honey, spices, flowers and fresh squeezed juices. The Viktualienmarkt is Munich’s the leading place to shop for fresh produce, dairy, bread, and Bavarian specialties.  But that is not all. Located at the centre of the Viktualienmarkt, you find a beer garden; sheltered by centuries old chestnut trees, offering various Bavarian specialties; you should definitely try the warm potatoes salad, or a “Brotzeit” platter with cold cuts and homemade artisan cheese or a pork roast with sauerkraut and dumplings. Another speciality of the garden is that you can also bring your own food. The shopping lovers would love this destination in Munich as they can shop as well as enjoy scenic beauty and enjoy a hearty meal in a picturesque location, right at the centre of Munich.


  1. Hofbräuhaus.

It is a known fact that Germany takes beer brewing extremely seriously. Hofbräuhaus, the royal brewery in Munich was founded in 1589. It is one of the country’s most famous places to enjoy a pint. The adjective royal is associated with the brewery because it was founded by the Duke of Bavaria. Hofbräuhaus serves a wide range of brew, from hoppy maibock beer to Oktoberfest lagers. A watering hole with history, it’s educational and good fun. Make sure you take a Brotzeit plate of cold meats and cheese in addition to the booze. Its location at the Munich city centre is perfect to sit back and relax after a long, tiring day spent roaming around the society during the day.


7. Residenz Museum.


The Residenz museum is located in the Residenz Palace, at the centre of Munich. It features spectacular apartments, larger- than- life ceremonial rooms, and extraordinarily beautiful chapels of the Wittelsbach dynasty, is filled with antique furniture, art, porcelain, and tapestries that cover the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and the neoclassical era.


 8. Odeonsplatz.

Odeonsplatz is a stunning square surrounded by the Italianesque Feldherrnhalle, Theatinkirche and Hofgarten, a previous court garden in the Munich city centre. From this square Ludwigstrasse- one of Munich’s most colossal streets – leads to the Siegestor, a large triumphal arch. The most prominent building on the Odeonsplatz is the Feldherrnhalle or Field Marshal’s hall. Together with the Theatinkirche, this building gives the Odeonplatz the appearance of an Italian Square.


  1. Paulaner im Tal.


Paulaner im Tal Munich is in the centre of Munich near Marienplatz. Established in 1524, it is a very typical bavarian restaurant in 19th century-style.  From morning 10 a.m. to 12 noon you can eat the typical “weisswurschtmenue”. With lots of Bavarian and German specials, this place is perfect after the day’s sightseeing. In the evening you can find a lot of people from all nations in this wonderful restaurant.


10. Pizzeria grano.

Pizzeria Grano is a funky, fun and relaxed restaurant which offers exceptional, fascinating and economical food. It is close to Marienplatz & Sendlinger Tor, right in the Munich city centre, hence the location is great.There’s often bad Kung Fu movies on the TV and the smell of garlic wafts through the restaurant. If is best if you get there at or around 18:00 because it’s small and fills up quickly. Also, reservations are only for half the room.


So go on, pack your bags and travel to this beautiful city. Happy holidays people!

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